Business Services

Creating a plan for your new or expanding business can be a challenging and complicated task, especially without proper guidance. Studies show that a well researched and written business plan increases business success rates significantly - and without one, lenders or investors will simply not take you seriously!

We know. Since 1998, we have reviewed and developed hundreds of business plans for our clients. 

Our experience has shown us that, although it is an involved process, the business planning process ultimately reduces costs and enhances revenues. We strongly recommend, however, that before committing yourself to the demanding process of developing a business plan, that you take some time to do the following:

  • Determine how your skill sets, background, and training compare to those of successful business owners in the targeted business sector.
  • Determine the initial feasibility or commercial viability of your venture or business idea.


Business Plan Critical Information Primer                                           

 This is the starting point of the Smart Start System. It allows Business Plans Plus to evaluate the level of business research acquired by the business owner to determine how BPP can help. It is based on 50 essential business plan elements, and will be reviewed by an M.B.A upon submission. Upon review, the business owner will be given a precise quotation.

 The complementary Critical Information Primer is available by emailing us through the Contact Us page.



Comprehensive Business Plan Review

An M.B.A will provide you with a comprehensive 5 page plus review of your draft business plan including references to all business plan components, references to potential sources of information, and a commentary on the potential viability, risks, and unrealized opportunities you may have missed.

Reviews start at $395, and depend on the complexity and purpose of the business plan. For a complementary quote of a review of your business plan, please complete and submit the Critical Information Primer. We'll provide you with a no-obligation quotation based on the information submitted. Alternatively users of BPlans software simply need to upload their draft plan to BPP for review. To begin the process simply email us frou our contact page.



Financial Statement Review and Preparation

The Financial Statement Review is included in the business plan review, however we do offer this as a stand-alone service. Financial Statement Reviews start at $295, and depend upon the complexity of the statements to be assessed. One of our M.B.A's will conduct a review, which include suggestions for revisions and commentary on up to five years of businesses pro-forma cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets. 

Financial statement preparation fees start at $495 for three years and $675 for five years (using BPP format). Business Plans Plus has acquired a database of over 300 industry sector business templates based on a compilation of U.S and Canadian corporate tax statistics which we utilize in our statements to reflect potential industry sales and cost structures.



Business Plan Research

One of the biggest challenges that business people face is how to do both the primary and secondary research that will form the basis of a complete and therefore effective road map for their business. One that bankers and investors will take seriously.

Our M.B.A.'s can conduct the required secondary research for you, send you information on potential sources of the information you need, or provide you with our own Market and Industry Research Manual to ensure that your business is based on sound industry and, more importantly, competitive analysis.

For more information about your specific research requirements, please complete the  Critical Information Primer.  We will respond with a no obligation quotation.


Business Plan Writing and Financial Statement Preparation

Whether you require one of our published M.B.A.'s or associates to write your complete plan, or simply need someone to edit your text or content, we can help.

Likewise, if you need one of our M.B.A.'s to develop the business plan pro-forma financial statements. Our business plan packages begin at $1,500.00


Executive Summaries

The Executive Summary, usually 2 to 3 pages in length, is essentially a synopsis of everything between the first and last page of your business plan. Many bankers, and especially investors, read only this portion of the plan before deciding to read on. For most novice business writers, this is the most difficult part of the entire business plan. 

Let us ease your mind and put it together for you.  One of our published M.B.A.'s or associates can write it for you.