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Why is research the key to an effective business launch?

The foundation of any effective business launch or plan is the information that goes into it. The more relevant, accurate, and comprehensive the information, the better the conclusions and strategies that will be formulated. The result- a substantial increase in the odds of success. More importantly-- there is nothing that will dissuade a bank or an investor more than a poorly researched and presented business plan!

Business Plans Plus can help you acquire the information needed and cut down your research hours and costs significantly, either because we have some of the information that you need, or we can show you where and how to find it. 

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 Business Research- What about the numbers?

Financial Benchmark Primers:

Financial benchmarks provide you with a reference point for your projected financial statements. Industry statistics are compiled providing tax return based models producing  initial Revenue/Net Income and Cash Flow Charts with cost breakdowns (in percentage terms), key ratios (accounts receivable, inventory turnover) so that you have a realistic starting point for your business financial projections.

The industry templates will give you a realistic assessment of how your business can perform and what your bottom line might look like based on average business growth scenarios gleaned from the latest available corporate tax return data. Assumptions and expense definitions are provided in the accompanying glossary.  

To assist you in determining the viability and financing needs of your business  BBP has  provided our exclusive and complementary sample Retail Smart StartTM  5 Year Financial Templates with financial categories, revenue and cash flow charts, and a financial statement glossary based on tax return statistics.



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