Retail Premium Industry Financial Template Primers

As you may have realized, the biggest challenge in writing a business plan is filling it with real and accurate information, especially financial, from relevant sources that you can quote to readers, especially bankers and investors

A business plan based on "best guess" financial assumptions will not only not convince readers such as banks, it may lead to undue business risk.

BPP templates provide valid starting points for your business start-up financials including...


  • Sales Growth to attain approximate median industry status
  • Industry Cost of Goods Sold benchmarks
  • Industry Operating Expense benchmarks
  • Accounts Receivable and Inventory Turnover benchmarks
  • Minimum start up requirements
  • Minimum financing requirements
  • Initial potential asset allocations

  What is the underlying premise of BPP financial templates?


BPP financial templates are the culmination of over 10 years of small business research and consulting work in the business planning field. The premise is that business planning is primarily an exercise in knowledge acquisition and testing of assumptions to ensure business success.

How have base statistics been compiled?

Statistics have been compiled from North American tax filing sources including the Internal Revenue Service (see Stats),, and equivalent government North American databases such as CCRA (see Stats), as well as relevant industry associations data sources such as the National Retail Federation (see Stats)  and  RCC (see Stats).  Other data has been derived from U.S  Department of Commerce and U.S Bureau of Census Data, and independant industry association research.

What is the background of team compiling statistics and developing templates and how long did they  take to develop?

Business templates have been developed over a 3 year period by an experienced M.B.A business plan developer, associate accountant, Financial Analyst, and VBA  developer. The information in the templates is reviewed and updated every 6 months with the latest tax information available.

How accurate are the templates in the database?

The accuracy of the statistics and templates provided are predicated  on the accuracy of the underlying tax returns and industry statistics available. Assumptions are provided for all sales and categories to allow for prudent application of the templates provided.

Why Use These Premium Industry Financial Templates?

These templates are representative of the financial experiences of other business owners launching equivalent businesses. Although new business owners using these templates may not experience exactly the same results as the average or median small corporations in the samples, the templates serve as an excellent  point of reference. Individual business experience will differ especially in regard to sales growth and location specific anomolies.

How does it all work?

An excel format is made available to the user but populated with the relevant default industry data reflecting a real life business scenario. The complementary retail template sample (based on 1 year of start-up projections) is available to allow the user to see what key information would be included in their relevant industry primer, and to create their own 5 year financial projections using financial inputs specific to their business. The resulting PDF printable 5 year financial template is available for a fee.


Premium Industry Specific Financial Template. 

The user can then either continue the process using only their own financial information, or make adjustments to the Premium Industry Financial Template. Business Plans Plus will then create 5 year financial projections with customized Cash Flow and Income and Revenue charts, in PDF format, and ready to print. Alternatively, the vital industry primer information can be applied by the user to some other financial format.

The goal is to make the process for producing financials as efficient as possible- and have your business financials reflect real tax based experiences of small firms in your industry.The Premium Business and Industry Financial Templates developed provide a sound basis of real and empirical experience of existing  businesses, as derived from government (federal) tax returns. Corporate (S-Corporations and SMEs) returns have been chosen, with small to medium sales thresholds, to approximate the lower 50% of all corporations in the To access our Smart-Start TM Retail Templates samples please visit our sample Retail Templates site here.